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Driven by design

Iconika has been designed to help business leaders be the architect the business they want — rather than manage the business they've got.

We provide simplified scalable branding that drives the business from the inside out.

'It’s about getting the details right and making them work better together.


Iconika is the vision of Steven Arnold. With an unbiased world view, Steven brings the strategic insights and design thinking to create increasingly valuable brand and business opportunities, and the communication expertise to connect them.

"I love seeing the true greatness in a company, removing the burden of excess, and finding a way their brand can actually empower their customers. — These are the valuable things to spend time on. Helping the good become great"

'I want the best brands to win.
Build brands that people can champion.'

Steven Arnold

Creative Director, Founder of Iconika

Based in Sydney, Australia, Steven has more than 20 years in strategic brand identity design and a portfolio of impactful blue chip brands.

Born in New Zealand, global citizen, educated in Oxford, England, Steven moved to Los Angeles, California spending six years as a 'Web 1.0' UI digital pioneer and Motion Designer in the mid 90's to early 2000's. Three years in Spain followed, working in a completely different business environment and culture was both exhilarating and enlightening.

Global travel and business created an awareness and expertise in developing meaningful brands that transcend cultural and language barriers. Human centric design, product market fit.

Today he leads a design consultancy dedicated to empowering brands to improve people's lives.

"Core to our approach is in how your product empowers your customers. Becoming a brand they can champion. This is what connects the business strategy to the customer experience."


Creative Director / Owner
Los Angeles, London, Sydney

Design, Brand, Digital, Experiential, Motion

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication

Designer, Surfer,
Arsenal supporter

5x Global ReBrand Award
AVA Brand Effectiveness Winner


I want to connect with anyone that is driven to solve problems and improve our life experience.

— Steven Arnold

Our Approach:
Meaningfully different

Our Purpose:
Be known for your greatness

Our Model:
Designed to connect and scale

We work with some of the world's most innovative marketers: clients who always think like challengers. And so do we.

Whether it's defying category norms, breaking conventions, talking to an audience in a new way or across new channels; whether it's changing behaviours through innovation, doing something that's never been done before or even challenging the client's brief - this way of thinking gets us to our most creative, exciting and effective work.

Attention is the most competed-for currency in the 21st century, and our focus is to give our clients’ brands an unfair share of attention – both conscious and unconscious attention – that far exceeds their market share, their budget, their penetration and their distribution.

We measure this in terms of the effectiveness of our work.

We build meta-teams of industry specialists. Low overheads means more money can go into working with the best talent.

Partnering and unifying a carefully selected network of expert individuals in Australia, New Zealand and USA — brought together to meet the exacting needs of a fast growing brands.

Brand strategists, financiers, designers, business coaches, writers, photographers, social media experts, packaging engineers and creative technologists — all accessible, global specialists, designed for you.
The approach ensures we deliver ideas that maximize the opportunity for the brand as a whole, and never just a channel.



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If you would like a partner to help build your brand, or you have the skills to help us make the worlds best brands.


Please get in touch with me — Steven Arnold, Founder/CDO

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“Steven is a rare talent. He has a great combination of conceptual thinking and design detail. He is a master of all media, and was an online experience pioneer in LA. His international understanding having lived and worked in the UK, USA and Australia leads to work that appeals to a global audience. He has an in-depth understanding of brand strategy and converting this into unique brand experience solutions for clients ranging in any size, shape or industry.”

Glen Barry - AGDA NSW President
Creative Director Genius Group™


Iconika was integral in helping us design a new consumer brand which has since gained strong traction with our customers.

The thing that stood out from working with Iconika was their willingness to explain the design process. 

Not only did they listen to our contribution but also challenged our initial thoughts of what our brand would look like and took us into a creative space that we had not envisaged. The result was successful.

Paul Zagami - Commercial Development
Harbour City Ferries

"Working with Steve on the company re-brand was fantastic! Steve is amazingly creative with a great ability to maintain the clients big picture goal. There isn't anything Steve can't do. I highly recommend Iconika!!"

Chris DeHuff - Managing Director
Le Pain Quotidien (Australia)


..the insight and versatility of their work was inspired - while always delivering to the overall brand strategy.

Tareanna Dunn - Brand Manager
STIHL Australia