Designed for investment

Founders / Investors / VCs

Just as you design and engineer a building, you must design and engineer a brand.


The more valuable the project
— the more valuable time is.

Our goal is to help you gain faster traction, build greater customer loyalty and recommendation, attract top leaders and scale more easily.

Reach your goals faster and enjoy them longer.

Designed on purpose.
Designed to succeed.




A monopoly of the mind

Human truths drive powerful brands.

Like Being their one and only. The outcome of the best human relationships. First impressions count. Unlike people though, you can craft a brand to be highly desirable.

Differentiated brands are both rare and attractive, and being seemingly 'made for each other' is good for business too. Long term relationships, loyalty, growth, innovation all equally apply. Designed to connect people. This is the basis of business design.

Purpose built brands — designed to be mutually beneficial.

‘Businesses succeed better when they differentiate rather than compete.

Direct competition drains value as companies beat each other up. Differentiation creates value as companies charge more for desirable products and services that customers can’t get anywhere else. It’s the same principle that forms the basis of brand strategy’
— Marty Neumeier, Brand Flip




Designed to connect the business strategy to the customer experience


Pitch Decks
Brand Discovery
Brand Visualisation

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity

Brand Experiences



Your early advantage

Strategic brand-led design


Pre Series-A Start up tools

First Impressions Count

By visualising the opportunity people can buy-in early, and get a feel for your opportunity, see the goal.

Many businesses look great on paper, but if they don’t feel right, they don’t get a start.

You only get one chance at a great first impression.


Pitch Decks

Learning from the best

We've studied the 'top performing' pitch decks in the world and have formulated a hybrid super-system that ensures the most powerful and persuasive business opportunities stand out.

Download the Pitch Deck case study

We’ve assisted VC’s in attracting over US$20 million in investment capital this year, along with some highly sort after CEOs.
— Steven Arnold, Iconika

Transformation services


Brand launch


Introducing a new company, product or service? or extend an existing brand? Iconika can help you plan, visualise and execute an impactful reintroduction of your brand. Deliver a memorable and compelling brand experience attracting like-minded customers and set the value perception.

 Click to see Case Study

Click to see Case Study

Refresh the brand after a merger or acquisition? Repositioning to stay competitive?

Iconika's strategic brand-led approach purposefully unites and empowers employees, attracts like-minded customers, and focusses effort with world class communications. Designed with purpose.

 Click to view Case Study

Click to view Case Study

Brand Experience


An opportunity to deliver a memorable experience that leaves a deeper impact on your customers and a true experience of your brand.

Iconika manages the increasing amounts of touchpoints — strengthening the bond between your brand and customers. From trade-show stand design to retail store experience.

 Click to view Case Study

Click to view Case Study