Our goal: Create the best performing Pitch Decks in the world


Over the past few years I've been involved in, and studied 000's of pitch decks. This past year alone we helped raise over US$10 million for pre Series-A startups. We've had some defeats, that naturally led us to study what's been valuable, what can be improved, and what to get rid of.

You can use these lessons to help you craft a stronger overall pitch — whether that means pitching your business idea to a room of investors or simply pitching a idea in a meeting with your coworkers.

First Impressions Count
By visualising the opportunity people can buy-in early and want to join in — helping achieve that now shared goal.

Many businesses look great on paper, but if they don’t feel right, they don’t get a start.


Visualise the opportunity
You only get one chance at a great first impression.


Pitch Deck options


A simple story of the greatness that you can create. Memorable and easily shared. 30 slides designed to change the world.


Video pitch decks are a fast and low cost way to deliver that story. Providing convenience to investors that can listen, watch and share, anywhere.


Want to gain insights, data and feedback on your pitch? See who, where, when and how often your pitch deck is seen and shared. Provide a memorable experience.


The Best Pitch Decks in the World:

30 slides, and 3 minutes can change the world


We've studied the 'top performing' pitch decks in the world and have formulated a hybrid super-system that helps ensure the most powerful and persuasive business opportunities stand out simply and clearly.

Putting together our expertise in brand building and communications with proven capital raising insights.. Our pitch decks are designed to gain trust, confidence and camaraderie.

Winning Tip: Define and differentiate your product up front.

They won't get past slide 2 if the viewer doesn't have a clear idea of what you do.


1. Empower your customers
Turn your detailed IM document into a simple story. This becomes a top level outline of your opportunity and core purpose of the brand. Easily understood terms stay top of mind.

Defining this core business purpose are easier said than done. Use just 5-8 words to capture the purest essence of your company. This is the core power that drives your brand forward with clarity.



2. Slide order
Tell a compelling story that turns pages, people want to see where great stories go. By starting with a relatable human problem, you'll get attention. When you deliver a deep reaching solution — you get people to buy-in, creating traction. Deliver an easily retold story.

Story driven slide distribution:

30 slides to change their world

1. Cover
2. Problem
3. Solution
4. Market Validation
5. Market Size
6. Product
7. Business Model

8. Adoption Strategy
9. Competition
10. Advantage
11. Team
12. Press
13. User Testimonials
14. Financials

3. Distribution and Convenience

You have just seconds to hook them, and video cuts does that. Video offers convenience while increasing attention and retention by engaging more senses.

Design, animations, voice overs, production.

3 minutes of video that impacts business


Opportunity discovery


At this point we can start to think about your customers. Who this big idea is going to serve? Now is time to design the perfect brand for them.

A small investment now will pay dividends for years to come.

4. Brand Strategy

A Brand Strategy and discovery programme will allow us to uncover and understand the core of your brand; purpose, values and personality that will help you build a relationship with your customers.

We'll look at the market, its influencers and the customer journey to refine your approach.

Brand led decision making streamlines your growth and allows you to scale with purpose and consistency.

A more strategic pathway to success.


The key to your success: You're going to change the world.

You'll grab attention when you highlight an unspoken shift in the world. Describe a subtle but noticeable change in the lives of your viewer or recognisable in people they know, and they'll be more likely to join you.

This inward look helps them recognise the problem themselves, rather than you pointing it out, which can make people feel uncomfortable or defensive.

We'll amplify this shift and help you build an easily scalable brand to fulfil it, connecting you with the tribe of customers already living in this future.


If you're ready to make that vision a reality, then get in touch.