A dose of Trump's brand

Is Trump’s poison the chemotherapy treatment
the cancer of Government corruption needs?

Key to successful design is the ability to hold your own thoughts separate from what you're hearing and treat it equally.

This empathy drives me to not judge a situation, rather I seek to understand why you see it that way. It's essential to bridge between your customers view of your business and your inside knowledge.


The United States Presidential election rightly takes over the world every 4 years. Increasingly we are global citizens, and it's consciously understood that when the most powerful nation on earth shifts it's ideology — it's going to affect all of us.

Like many people I was horrified that someone that I shared so few values with could achieve such a powerful position. 'Though over the past day or two I have taken some time to reflect and I'm seeing a better picture.

Sometimes we don't get what we want
— but we get what we need.

I don't like the way he did it at all. The racism, sexism and guns are completely counter to my values. But I do like that he will break the established power structure that has had too much control over all of us for too long. This ‘top 1%’ isn’t good for anyone but them. And for all we know Trump is independently super-wealthy and therefore needs them less than most.

Both Trump in America and Brexiters in Britain may be unclear what they really want. "That is often the case with uprisings. But they knew what they did not want" Trump told them.
— The Guardian 10 Nov 2016

To the voters — I believe that Trump represented change.

Not the garbage he spoke. That was just the siren that ensured people listened to him. Trump's brand of management is tough, cocky and loud, and his ‘car crash’ entertainment appeal is part of his social success.

I can see that people feel like they understand him more than Hilary because he puts it all out on the table — whether you like what it is or not.

Today we're all connected by shared values and 'the cyber', creating global tribes.

Clinton represented the maintaining of the status quo. She’s wrought with secrets and lies picked up from trying to be part of that establishment. As a woman, she was an outsider.

That status had some leverage and activated some of the other tribes that she already had support from — people who's values weren't met by Trump.

History will show that a vote for Trump became a vote for change. Like a 4 year dose of chemotherapy to kill the cancer of corruption.

people friendly brand thinking

Three sayings spring to mind from this:

1)   Your brand isn't what you say it is.
      It's what they say it is.

2)  Chaos always proceeds real change.
      Stand on the side of love.

3)   When you're going through hell
      — keep going.