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When you have any serious health condition, you immediately value ‘life as normal’ more than anything else.

You take this life for granted, until you face it with a heart condition. Now ‘normal’ is the most precious thing you know.

As a new company from an acquisition in USA, a rare opportunity existed to embed the benefits of brand-led design innovation across the whole business.


The brand DNA was carried over in developing the product brand.

A meaningful name was developed in conjunction with the logo to verbally deliver the brand core with a play on ‘liberty’. A delightful hook to those that realise.

Naming scheme

Naming scheme

Liba3 visual identity concepts

Liba3 visual identity concepts

Compare typical competitor products to the new Liba3 device

Compare typical competitor products to the new Liba3 device


We’ve provided both brands a platform that authentically explains their values and strengths in an identifiable and ownable way.


Before rebrand

Investors, like all people need to see the future in order able to believe in it.

A rebrand creates that vision so you can begin working on it right away.


Communications and Events

In order to reach the core decision makers, National Cardiac commissioned a new stand design for the upcoming ACC show in Chicago 2017.

Challenge: Overcome the patient benefits of a tiny device to stand out in an open, busy and visually noisy environment like a trade show.


Designed to focus attention and draw people in to see the tiny chest mounted device.
Large LED screens communicated with the audience from a distance, the overhead lightbox becoming a beacon at the event allowing people to navigate to and around us.

Awarded 'ACC Best in Show 2017'

Awarded 'ACC Best in Show 2017'


With a direct and strategic connection between business purpose and customer needs. A brand designed to lead from the heart of the business and simplifying and empowering all decision making across the business.

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