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Operating in a field of sophisticated and seasoned operators MSC needed an image that matched their professionalism and better told the story of their business.

With a large focus on trans-pacific business it made sense for this to be reflected in their identity. A strong alliance with their Australian base and an appropriate financial signature made for a meaningful and salient identity.

Over A$15 million of capital raised for pre-Series A start-ups

Launching great businesses in new and larger markets.

Main St. Capital brand Identity

Before: Brand Identity

Their previous logo didn't set an impression that matched their quality and professionalism. We saw an opportunity to differentiate in a meaningful way using colour with a strong and memorable identity.

Business cards are their most frequently used assets, and the identity on the card requested to be drawn upon indicating a personal attention to their business growth and desired results.

Before MSC Logo
“Never before have we felt that our image quite matched the quality of our services as it does now”
— Gary Blom, Founder - Main St. Capital

Identity - Rational
Main St. Capital pen
Main St. Capital business card

"The new brand identity better represents our business
— who we are, what we do, why we exist."

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