My approach is based on more 20 years of experience and daily learning from, in my opinion, the most successful and insightful visionaries, designers, strategists, marketers, innovators and game-changers in the world.


Marty Neumeier - Brand Flip
Seth Godin - Purple Cow, Tribes
Simon Sinek - Start with Why

Peter Thiel - Zero to One, PayPal
Elon Musk - Investor, Innovator
Richard Branson - Like a Virgin

Daniel Pink - To Sell is Human
David Butler - Design to Grow
Nigel Hollis - Brand Premium

Brand Intelligence meets hand crafted execution, designed to build brand value.

From idea to action.


Ulitilising behavioural science, insights from successful VC firms backing 'unicorns' and IDEO's Design Thinking I've developed a unique system of tools designed to make you irresistible to your ideal customers.

  1. Proprietary Technology via design innovation

  2. Customer Perception and Value Creation

  3. Increased Traction and Efficiency

  4. Aligned relationship with customer experience

As expert communicators and craftsmen we turn this strategy into actionable assets that quickly grow your business and brand.



Brand launch

Introducing a new company, product or service? or extend an existing brand?

Iconika can help you plan, visualise and execute an impactful reintroduction of your brand.

Deliver a memorable and compelling brand experience attracting like-minded customers and control the value perception.

Click to see Case Study

Click to see Case Study


Looking to refresh the brand after a merger or acquisition? Reposition to stay competitive?

Iconika's strategic brand-led approach purposefully unites and empowers employees, attracts like-minded customers, and focusses effort with world class communications. Designed with purpose.

Click to view Case Study

Click to view Case Study


Brand Experience

An opportunity to deliver a memorable experience that leaves a deeper impact on your customers and a true experience of your brand.

Iconika manages the increasing amounts of touchpoints — strengthening the bond between your brand and customers. From trade-show stand design to retail store experience.

Click to view Case Study

Click to view Case Study

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