Like most people I want to find great companies that value the same things as me.

In an instinctive way I consider — does this product or service ‘feel right’? Do I believe what they proclaim? Do I trust it’s going to do what they say it’ll do? It has to be instinctive as there’s already too many things worth thinking about. It’s our immediate and natural filter.

For years marketers have tried to describe companies and products as a series of features and benefits. But analysis and consideration takes time which we don’t have time for unless it passes the instinctive test. So I believe that brands should be instinctively trustworthy/valuable.

If we think of brands like we think of people, we can ask ourselves the same questions, just like we subconsciously do at the start of any relationship. Think back to your early relationship with your partner — you asked questions and shared experiences that lead to a feeling that they are ‘right’ for you. You believe them, you trust them, they are consistent in the way they approach life.


This is how I think about brands. They’re built on what people think about the organisation. Groups of people —you’ve got your teams of employees in the business and your loyal customers outside. They all share the same values, and today — they’re connected by technology too. We call this group of people your ‘tribe’.


See some examples of how I've put this into action: