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"...a great combination of conceptual thinking and design detail. Steven is a master of all media,
and an online experience pioneer in Los Angeles."

Glen Barry - AGDA NSW President

Iconika ReBrand Award 2014
Iconika ReBrand Award winner 2012
Iconika ReBrand Award winner 2010

2014 Global ReBrand 100 Award
with Distinction - Fogo

2012 AMI Awards (Australian Marketing Inst.)
- Brand Revitalisation Winner

2010 Global ReBrand 100 Award
- CoatesHire
2010 Global ReBrand 100 Award
- BackBone Youth Theatre

2010 Global ReBrand 100 Award
- Price Attack

2009 Global ReBrand 100 Award
- Ideaworks
2009 Global ReBrand 100 Award
- SCA/Goldcross Cycles

AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association) Communications 2010