Your brand is simply an imprint in the mind of your customer.

Your brand is simply an imprint
in the mind of your customer.

So often I see so many brands in the same industry engaged in the perception battle. Take the Australian retail carpet sector for example. They are all engaged in creating noise that their product is cheaper, faster and of higher quality than the competition.

Yet, in the minds of customers they all offer pretty much the same thing, making it even more difficult for any particular one to stand out. It’s difficult to choose between them because their strategy is product centric not customer centric. Meaning, no particular company stands out as the one attempting to make a customers life easier.

No brand is cutting through the noise and positioning themselves as the only choice in the minds of consumers.

But, there’s a way to cut through.

My message to them is simple:
Be seen, clearly understood and then you will be chosen. Meaningfully unique is best!

By making a few changes often just to the Brand Identity and by alluding to the specific attributes of the brand, we can enhance the brand reputation so it becomes the clear and only choice in the minds of consumers.

We are in the art of good design and we start the process through our tailored Brand Workshops. They are a good start in getting to know your brand again and allowing you to pave the way forward.

Value of branding

One of the key benefits of branding and design is the ability to increase value perception and therefore price premium.

Uniquely, branding can get customers to:

Choose you more often, delivering income through extra volume.

Pay more for the product, delivering income through charging higher prices, or

Be more resilient to discounting.

Customers are more likely to stick with a brand that they trust, or try it in the future indicating lower risk and likely future growth.

Example of meaningful
and memorable brands:

Good branding literally predisposes customers to choose you for what you do best.

We’ve seen our clients grow by more than A$50m in brand equity gains*


Walk your talk

Walk your talk

I love it when I enter into a retail space that exemplifies thought. It exudes a particular type of attention that when done right, commands attention from the customer. You feel good in that space, almost like you have been considered and appreciated. There’s a particular level of empathy - like that brand understands what you are needing to feel connected and happy.

Do your customers talk about your retail spaces? Do they share selfies? Do they talk about it even after the experience has ended? Are you taking advantage of the indelible sensory experience your space provides?

Fogo Bondi Iconika Brand Experience

People will forget what you say
but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.
- Maya Angelou

Every single interaction touch point contributes to the overall Brand Experience.

It’s basically how well you walk your talk. The brands around the world that invest in their Brand Experience, on average, sell more, demand higher price premiums and have greater customer engagement. Don’t you want that for your brand?

If you’re needing ideas check out our Brand Experience Case Studies that have won awards in areas of excellence in Brand spaces.

5 Basic Ways To Create More Value From A Brand

5 Basic Ways To Create
More Value From A Brand

There are some key ways in which investing in your brand can build even greater value. Use these points as a basis to evaluate the desired effect of your marketing activity. In addition to the tactical benefit your looking to evoke, align them to the greater benefits available to your brand.

1) Encourage more people to buy the brand
When customers are very familiar with your brand, you feel like a safe choice. There's a reason McDonald's is a safe food haven when travelling abroad. Part of their brand is the consistency that they have been able to deliver. Iconic and meaningful brands enjoy this benefit.

2) Encourage more people to buy the brand at a higher price
When choosing between two similar products, the trusted choice wins. People will happily pay more for a product that they feel can more likely guarantee the result. Past experience, or established trust, are the most powerful drivers of price premium.

3) Encourage them to keep buying from you
When you can offer new products of equal or better value to the ones that they are already happily choosing you for, you make it easy for customers to choose you before considering any other brand. This is a financial lever driving potential.

4) Encourage them to buy from you for new occasions or in new categories
Similarly, when you've established belief in your brand and associated products, people will feel that other products and services you offer will offer the same quality and value and they don't have to risk another brand's offer.

5) Do all of the above, yet more effectively
When you consciously focus on creating greater value for your customers, they will see you as their best and only choice. This doesn't necessarily involve greater financial outlay, just awareness of your choices.