Walk your talk

Walk your talk

I love it when I enter into a retail space that exemplifies thought. It exudes a particular type of attention that when done right, commands attention from the customer. You feel good in that space, almost like you have been considered and appreciated. There’s a particular level of empathy - like that brand understands what you are needing to feel connected and happy.

Do your customers talk about your retail spaces? Do they share selfies? Do they talk about it even after the experience has ended? Are you taking advantage of the indelible sensory experience your space provides?

Fogo Bondi Iconika Brand Experience

People will forget what you say
but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.
- Maya Angelou

Every single interaction touch point contributes to the overall Brand Experience.

It’s basically how well you walk your talk. The brands around the world that invest in their Brand Experience, on average, sell more, demand higher price premiums and have greater customer engagement. Don’t you want that for your brand?

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