The changing face of Branding

I believe the worlds best design always has strong strategic thought behind it.

Good design clearly articulates the thinking behind it.

Good design encourages the customer to delve into a deeper level of meaning, separate to the product/service it is trying to promote.

It encourages the customer to ask questions such as:

“What does this design want me to see?”
“How does this brand reflect my personal identity?”

A clever brand is now turning its attention away from the seat of control and is allowing its customers to now call the shots. A clever brand has now flipped the brand premise around and instead of focussing on its products that it produces, it is now asking itself the question: “How do I empower my customers?”, “ How can I them lead them to achieve their goals?”

furi brand packaging iconika

It’s a very different way to look at branding, but once you get your head around it everything becomes easier and especially the understanding of how to make a profit.