The value of a symbol

If you ever wondered whether a company logo
was important.

Consider how quickly this symbol 'Peace for Paris' by artist Jean Julien drew people together in solidarity. Displaying a symbol they felt best represent their values across their social profiles, amongst their peers and communities.

As Jean Jullien heard the news of the terror attacks unfolding in Paris on Friday night, he pulled out a sketchbook and created a simple brush and ink image of the peace symbol with the Eiffel Tower as its central spoke (shown above, via Jullien’s Twitter). 

It took only one minute but it was to become a symbol of hope, defiance and humanity. At the time of writing, Jullien’s Instagram post of the image had 160,000 likes and more than 3,400 comments. It appeared on posters and placards, was printed on T-shirts and jackets, painted on faces and drawn on cards left at the scenes of the attacks.

In the frenzied media atmosphere that followed Friday night, the man behind the image became news as well. From The New York Times to The Daily TelegraphWired to Slate, media platforms queued up to speak to him.