Yogurt With A Conscience


Start-Up Brand Strategy
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Frozen yogurt is relatively new to the UK market, but with strong top-of-mind competitors already established, this brand needed a fresh approach to capture people's imagination.

Frozen and blended natural yogurt and European mountain freshness combined for a healthier body and bottom line.

Frozen Yogurt store experience
Frozen Bobsled vintage poster

Yogurt with a conscience


Most frozen yogurt brands have a pop, plastic, and vibrant style which didn't sit well with us or with this product.

Frozen yogurt is a healthier alternative to ice cream and gelato. Combined with healthy toppings like muesli and fresh fruit FröZen was born.

Start-Up Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Experience


Our relationship with FröZen continues to go from strength to strength. Stay tuned for further updates and results.



We were delighted to find Frö - meaning berries in Swedish and Zen - meaning absorption, available to us. One word with a story. An appropriate description and a unique name in one!


The design came out of this same thinking - How to create an appropriate and differentiated brand that would resonate with people. Snow, skiing and the Alps felt natural and worked perfectly with the muesli and fresh fruits. It also provided a polar opposite to the plastic/neon offering from their competitors.

This is a brand we feel will really go places.