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A business facing a growing challenge from increasingly sophisticated Mexican food outlets, Fogo decided to make a strategic shift away from a quick service restaurant to casual dining with a South American twist.

Operationally this necessitated a change to the cooking process, from a smoky character-filled charcoal-fired to low emission gas driven spit-roasting. Authenticity, craft and differentiation provided the transformation the brand needed.

Table Menu - Fogo

+500% growth in 5 years

4/5 Customer Rating on TripAdvisor (2018)


Before Rebranding

The previous identity lacked provenance and a meaningful connection to the customer experience.

Shortening the name to 'Fogo' (meaning Fire) recognised the colloquial naming conventions common in Australia, and provided a focus on the campfire heritage experience.

Fogo identity Before
Why Fogo?

The visualisation of the skewered meat created a unique and salient brand mark while meaningfully explaining the food offer.

Fogo Bondi Fire campfire Signage casual dining restaurant


By rediscovering Fogo’s cultural roots, cooking methods and sociable campfire experience, we were able to express the brand’s uniquely rewarding restaurant offering. Attendance figures significantly increased since this rebranding exercise leading to the opening of new, higher profile locations.

+500% growth in 5 years

4/5 Customer Rating on TripAdvisor (2018)


We undertook an exhaustive brand review that revealed an opportunity to strengthen the brand through its cultural, Brazilian Gaúcho roots: the cooking of high-grade, skewered meats over open campfires.

So the heart of the Fogo brand became the unforgettable customer experience:

The Gaúcho cowboy way of life creating a theatrical, fully sensory dining experience, with the aroma of herbs and roasting meats, round-the-campfire circular seating, and the ambience of crackling logs and Brazilian samba music.