Designed for change

Entrepreneurs / Founders / Owners / Business Leaders


Your current brand is the result of the thousands of decisions you’ve made since your business first worked.

It’s probably fair to say that your customers have changed a lot in that time too.

Now is your opportunity to differentiate, and grow your value, rather than pay to defend it.


Our work raises awareness and the value in the hidden greatness in your products.

We'll help you support increased sales with more efficient systems that unite your teams efforts.

Scale your business more simply — with increased quality and efficiency.

Real life stories


Your real stories and experiences are what have got you this far and in them are the secrets to your brand growth.

Let's put that rich history to work for you and elevate the true value of your brand for your customers.


Want solutions that increase in value the more you use them?
— No, really.


Transform our: Brand

Understand and communicate a clear vision for your brand, build your team around a common purpose and get known for the great you bring to the world.

A brand people can champion.

Transform our: Product

Realign your product to better fit your current customers needs and values. Understand what you both have in common and reshape your relationship to be a more perfect fit.
A distinct advantage over your competitors.


Brand transformations others are already benefitting from.


Iconika was integral in helping us design a new consumer brand which has since gained strong traction with our customers.
— Paul Zagami, Harbour City Ferries