Beyond the Wharf
for Harbour City Ferries

Brand Identity

Bringing the harbour-side community together we created a brand for Sydney's Harbour City Ferries. They felt that there was more to offer people - who live and visit Sydney - than was already understood.

Their mission is to share in the wondrous secrets of our iconic Sydney Harbour to visitors and locals alike.

Website - Beyond The Wharf
BTW identity insight
iconic primitive identity

The solution required an identity that would be easily recognised and understood by people of all languages.

Primitive and iconic logo

A meaningful and simple solution was found in a primal mark that could freely exist in and around any of the 55km2 of environment that makes Sydney harbour.

Beyond The Wharf Identity
Brand Guidelines Beyond The Wharf Harbour City Ferries
Beyond The Wharf Identity
Beyond The Wharf Identity buttons
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Beyond The Wharf Digital #brandidentity
Iconika was integral in helping us design a new consumer brand which has since gained strong traction with our customers.

The thing that stood out from working with Iconika was their willingness to explain the design process.

Not only did they listen to our contribution but also challenged our initial thoughts of what our brand would look like and took us into a creative space that we had not envisaged. The result was successful.
— Paul Zagami, Harbour City Ferries
Business communications -  Beyond The Wharf

We continue our relationship with the harbour and Beyond The Wharf, ensuring future visitors and locals alike, enjoy and discover the secrets of Sydney's famous natural harbour.