Understand us


We're rebrand specialists.

We believe in putting the best 'you' out there.

We'll discover your true business purpose and build a identity for your brand that will represent and attract your best customers.

We always deal directly with our clients.

We're partners in achieving your goals — so you can speak directly to us at any time.

Steven design's the 'people friendly' connections. And Linda makes it all happen.

We like commitment.

We both make a large investment in each other, so we plan for long term connections with our clients.

Setting out to be a great partner makes more sense.

We believe in people -
the heart of your brand.

People are the core of your business, both inside and outside.

We'll create meaningful links between your staff and customers and make the symbols that represent them.

We think strategically

Deeply understanding your purpose and customer tribe allows us to create the highest performing connections. It’s brand ergonomics.

Seeing, listening, and understanding your customers creates the most valuable connections.

We think holistically.

We are multidisciplinary in thought, approach and execution.

This broad way of thinking gets unexpected and memorable results by being more human.

We think ahead.


It doesn't matter if it's a single piece of communication or a full rebrand.

We'll always create meaningful and relevant communications that build your brand.

We avoid the superficial.

For us, it’s about problem solving and value adding, not ornament creation.

The insightful and valuable details in the final result show we are in there - focussed on your customer's experience, while the big picture drives the solution.

We're on a mission.

To design solutions that benefit our clients and customers — making the whole team proud.

Our goal is to be valued by people, and valuable to business.